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When you need cash fast, from someone you can trust.

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Why Casheezi?

At casheezi we understand how it feels to be short of cash because we have been there ourselves.
The stress, the sleepless nights and the worry about getting enough cash together to pay the bills will ruin your day and take the fun out of life...
Who needs it?

Things have since changed for us and we would like to help change them for you too.
The founders of casheezi worked in the loans industry for many years and realized that it could be done much better.
We feel that you deserve the best …so we set up great new branches to delight shoppers and loaners alike.
Be treated with respect in an environment that we feel proud to work in and you will want to come back to again and again.

Casheezi was established to allow you to get the cash you need fast, and to make your cash work harder for you. You can deal with us from the privacy of your own home, or in our fab new branches.

We provide lightning fast, eezi cash for anyone.
If you are feeling the squeeze or you just want some extra cash to enjoy your life without the money worreez, just say Casheezi!
We provide all sorts of cash loans, any amount, some unsecured and some secured against the value of your personal goodz.
We also buy and sell your pre-loved quality goodz – eezi!

Our branches, give you a clean, fresh, stylish, facility in a convenient location to get the cash you need - fast, through short term and long term cash loans.

Our loanzone is designed to respect your privacy.


May require a credit check


No credit check. No bank statement


Sell your stuff for instant cash over the counter.

We customize our loans to make it eezi for you.
Our staff and the casheezi approach to service ensure you get the cash you need while you wait (for smaller amounts), or deposited to your account same day (for larger amounts).

It gets better... once you have had your first loan with us you can enjoy an on-going line of credit providing lightning fast cash at your finger tips.
You can apply on line or better still come and see us… we can't wait to meet you.